Trade Name: Camelyn M3




Trade name: "Camelyn-M3"

Dosage  form: Ointment

Composition: “Camelyn M” Lyophilisate - 0.25 g


Ointment base:  KWH PHARMA (isopropyl palmalate, Polyglycerine ester, PLW) - 24.75 g.
Cameyn-M3 is made from a special kind of bee honey.
Camelyn –M3 contains biologically highly active substances of bee origin:  aldehydes, organic acids, phenols, ketones.

Description:  yellowish Ointment.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic agent.


Pharmacological properties: Has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. Activates immunity, accelerates the healing process.

Indications: Purulent, long-lasting wounds to the skin and soft tissues. Trophic ulcers, boil, panaritium, bedsores. Rheumatic diseases of the joints - osteoarthritis, spine osteochondrosis.

Method of application: The ointment with a thin layer is applied to the affected area. Ointment bandaging is possible. The ointment used 2-3 times a day. Duration of treatment determined by indications.

For osteoarthritis, including complicated forms (reactive synovitis, Baker's cyst, bursitis, tendovaginitis) and osteochondrosis of the spine, a physiotherapeutic method of treatment - ultraphonophoresis is used.

Side effects: Not noticeable.

Contraindications: None identified.

Form of production: Ointment in tubes of 25.0 g.

Storage conditions: Store in a dark, cool place, out of the reach of children.


Shelf life: 2 years.


Conditions of release from pharmacy: Out of prescription.