Trade Name: Camelyn M4

Pharmaceutical Form: Rectal - Vaginal suppositories
Composition: Camelyn M - 7,0g, Vitepsol H 15 - 1,3 g
Camelyn M4 is produced from a special sort of honey. Honey contains biologically high effective, activity products of bee (ketones, ethers, bioorganic acids, phenols, aldehydes, furfural)
Description: Rectal-vaginal suppositories 2.0g, of light brown color.
Pharmacotherapeutic group: Immunemodulatory, Antioxidant
Pharmacological properties: anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects, stimulates immunity and healing process.
Pharmacological actions: Camelyn M4, has anti-inflammatory, analgetic action, It accelarates the processes of regeneration, intensifies the functioning a local immune barrier.
Indication: Vaginal infections, including bacterial, virus, antifungal infections, inflammatory diseases, erosion of cervix of uterus; prostates, rectum cracks, haemorrhoids.
Direction: Adults - 1 suppository, one- two times a day.
Side effects: Camelyn M4 is non-toxic in therapeutic doses, does not have side effects. Some individual hypersensitivity towards the components of the medication is possible.
Contra-indication: hypersensitivity towards the components of the medication.
Precautions: Some pain after the introduction of the suppository if large nodes. While pregnancy and lactation, address doctor.
Standard packaging: a box of 10 suppositories.
Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children.
Shelf life: 2 years.
Form of Release from Pharmacies: Without prescription