Trade Name: Camelyn - M1

Pharmaceutical Form: ampoules

Composition: Camelyn M: 35%, water for injection: 65%.

The medication Camelyn- M1 has is made of an extract of a select honey. Camelyn -M1 contains: Ketones, Ethers, Bioorganic acids, Phenoles, Aldehydes, Furfural.

Description: Each ampoule contains 2 ml amber-colored solution for injection.

Pharmacotherapeutic Group: immunomodulator, antioxidant.

Pharmacological Properties: Camelyn -M1 has an immunomodulating activity. It increases the humoral and cellular immunity. As a result of introduction of Camelyn -M1 iL-1, iL-6 and iL-12 cytokinins are released. Camelyn -M1 takes part in the development of cellular immunity and T-lymphocytic reactions, amongst in enhancing of the mitogenesis of peripheral lymphocytes, in increasing of T-helpers and T-cytotoxic cells ratio. Camelyn- M1 is effective as an immunomodulator and antioxidant.

Therapeutic Indications: Camelyn- M1 solution is applied as constituent part of complex therapy, as well as independently, in all cases when modulation of immunity, immune response of the organism are required also as an antioxidant. It is especially effective its use during post-period of viral and severe forms of infectious diseases.

Method of Administration: injections are made two times a day, 2.0 ml in the morning and evening. Camelyn- M1 is injected deeply and at a slow pace pausing at 20-25 second intervals. Course of treatment: twenty days. After each course, cease using for eight days then continue with the subsequent courses. Duration of treatment is two to five courses. If necessary, it is possible to extend treatment with additional courses.

Side Effects: Camelyn -M1 is non-toxic in therapeutic doses. It has no side effects. It is possible to have an individual hypersensitivity towards the components of the medication.

Note: After a period of time, sediment may appear in ampoules. This does not affect the therapeutic efficacy.

Contraindications: no contraindications.

Interaction with other Preparations: Camelyn- M1 is compatible with all the medications used for treatment of the above listed indications.

Form of Release: 35% solution for injection in 2 ml ampoules Camelyn -M1. Package contains ten ampoules.

Storage Conditions: store in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children.

Shelf Life: two years

Form of Release from Pharmacies: without prescription.