Trade Name: CamelynFlu

Pharmaceutical Form: Spray for topical use. 10 ml in one vial. 120 spray. One doze contains: 85.0 mcl.
Composition: Camelyn M 1.5ml, Other ingredients: 8,5 ml (Polivinilpirolidon, polietilenglikol 400, water for injection.)
Description: Transparent, amber-colored solution with a specific odor.
Pharmacotherapeutic Group: Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic.
Pharmacological Properties: CamelynFlu has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect as well antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal action.
Therapeutic Indications: Infections of the oral cavity -pharynx: pharyngitis, laryngitis, (catarrhal sore throat), stomatitis, ulcerative gingivitis. As auxiliary remedy for chronic tonsillitis.
Method of Administration: Keep upright vial, spraying into oral cavity-pharynx. Adults: for each procedure 4 spray 3-6 times a day. At necessity prolong treatment.
Side Effects: CamelynFlu is non-toxic in therapeutic doses. It has no side effects. It is possible to have an individual hypersensitivity towards the components of the medication.
Contraindications: Possible at hypersensitivity towards the components of the medication.
Interaction with other Preparations: CamelynFlu is compatible with all the medications used for treatment of the above listed indications.
Pregnancy, Lactation: Not studied
Effect on ability to work with machine: does not affect
Overdose: side effects is not detected
Form of Release: CamelynFlu in vials, with the corked cover and a pump, with corrosion-proof ball and polypropylene sprayer. One vial contains 10.0 ml medicine. In a cardboard box the instruction on use of medicine is enclosed.
Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature, out of reach of children.
At detected of the visual defects, the medicine does not apply.
Shelf Life: Two years.
Form of Release from Pharmacies: pharmacy III- (without prescription)
Manufacturer: Ltd. "Camelyn",
N7 Kindzmarauli Str., Tbilisi, Georgia