Author of the drug "Camelyn M" - Benedict (Dzaguli) Maglakelidze, without exaggeration can be say that he was a person endowed with high spiritual, physical attraction and with many-sided talent.
 Studies on "Camelyn M" begins since 1950 under the supervision of academician GSSR K.D. Eristavi at the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Surgery MH GSSR and the Institute of Blood Transfusion.
At the same time conducted the first study of medicine on experimental tumors at the Department of Pathophysiology (Head Acad. AS GSSR Vladimir Voronin) Tbilisi state Medical Institute, led by Professor . T.G Natadze. The first stage of experiments were conducted on white mice with spontaneous and transplanted mammary tumors.
Two years later, experiments were repeated at the Institute of Oncology in Leningrad, Laboratory Academician L.M. Shabada. As a result of these observations was found that the "Camelyn M" not only retards the development of primary tumors, but also helps reverse the development of fully developed spontaneous tumors. Histomorphological studies revealed the presence of recent hemorrhage in the tumor stroma, and necrosis of tumor cells.
Experiments carried out on white mice with tumors of various organs.
At the beginning of the experiment was set up a special commission, member of commission were: deputy director of the Institute of Oncology, Academy of Sciences of the USSR on the scientific part professor. A.N. Shanin, Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Oncology, member Academy of Sciences, Professor. Shabad and chairman of committee E.A. Vognibova.
The committee has observed the process and results of experiments. Based on receiving data, commission concluded that tested medicine "Camelyn M" has an inhibitory effect on tumor. Decreasing of growth and in some cases complete disappearance of tumors under Influence of this medicine was evidently.
Approximately similar results were received when testing "Camelyn M" in model experimental cancer at the Moscow, at Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy of Cancer of Academy of Sciences USSR. Work performed under leading Academician M.M. Majewski.
Following pred-clinical and toxicity studies of medicine, under academician Academy of Sciences GSSR K.D. Eristavi have begun study the therapeutic effect of "Camelyn M" in clinical conditions in patients with malignant tumors.
It should be noted that all patients had far advanced forms of the disease. In most of them recurrent tumor diseases had been observed after multiple surgery.
Despite the severe condition of the patients and almost in the terminal stage of illness, action of "Camelyn M" has been effective. The patients were under observation during the period from one year to 9 years after treatment Although not all cases was healing reached, but should be noted that almost 100% of the therapeutic effect was obtained in the form of amelioration general condition, reduce the temperature, the disappearance of pain, vomiting, improvement the blood picture, reducing the size of metastases, rehabilitation and extension of lifetime.
In 1965, the Presidium of the Scientific Council of the Pharmacological Committee of Ministry of Health of the USSR the medicine had given the name: Camelyn" and instructed the Ministry of Health (MOH), GSSR production 1.5 million vials of the drug and send in oncology clinics of Moscow, but in the circumstances and because of the sudden death of the author an indication was not implemented.
A unique archive material which were protected in a personal archive of Mr. Benedict (Dzaguli) Maghlakelidze, since 2004 makes possible to renewal new contemporary study the unique properties of the "Camelyn M" and not only in Georgia studies of the drug had carried out in the best scientific - research centers the world.
Results received in the leading clinical centers of Quebec, Montreal, Bern, Rio -de Janeiro, Delhi, States Illinois, Oregon, Germany, England, confirms high preparation potential. The preparation has shown resistance to the antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses, therapeutic properties of the fungal, also was highlighted significant efficacy of "Camelyn M" against Cancer disease.