An independent Georgian Pharmaceutical Company located in Tbilisi, Georgia.
"Camelyn LTD"started activities in 2004. "Camelyn" is a privately owned Georgian Scientific-Pharmaceutical Company, established by Ms. Ketevan Maglakelidze, Mzia Maglakelidze and Eliso Khadagishvili (Founders).
The company is dedicated towards identifying and developing immunomodulatory activity, antitumoral, antibacterial and antivirus treatment products. as well as identifying and developing biologically active compounds for use in food industry and cosmetology.
"Camelyn" Promotion US>
Our branch office in US of America was established in January 2007. "Camelyn US, Inc" takes on the promotion of our products and the representation of our company in South and North America and other countries too. "Camelyn US, Inc" manages our extensive network of promotion agents in the various countries.
Research And Development
The company is dedicated towards identifying and developing biologically active natural compounds for use in medicine, food industry and cosmetology. The company identifies Research and Development as one of the most critical areas leading to a company success. Apart from employing well qualified technical staff company have collaboration activity with a number of universities and research centres not only in Georgia but in US of America, Canada and Europe. This makes it possible for "Camelyn" to stay on top of the new developments in the field and to assist in discovery of new chemical entities in the fields of tumor and other infection diseases.
Clinical Trials Overview
The therapeutic properties of camelin have been studied by us from 1946.
Preclinical, Clinical and Double blind Research with Camelyn's products (Camelyn M1, Camelyn M2, Camelyn M3, Camelyn M4 ) was performed in several Clinical Center of Moskow, Leningrad, Kharkov and Tbilisi with very promising results.